TCD February 2022 Zoom Meeting


February 10


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Twin Cities Division of the TLR of the NMRA

Is Winter getting you down? Would you like a short “vacation break” to Sunny California?

Here is your opportunity, jump on the Twin Cities Division NMRA special zoom flight to visit the Santa Maria Industrial Valley Railroad on February 10th. Join us at 7:00 PM for our preflight check in, then settle into your seat. Don’t bother to fasten your seat belt, there is no need to stow your tray table or put your seat in the upright locked position. Cabin service is light so bring your own refreshments and snacks and soon we will be off. We will get a great tour of the railroad, see the California coast and then have an opportunity to chat with the owner of the railroad, Michael Jordan. This will be a full evening, we will catch up on local modeling news and we will all have the opportunity to share our current projects. Perhaps you will give us a sneak peak at the projects you are bringing to the March Modelers Meet?

Sign up here and join us on the 10th of February!