T-Trak and the Model Railway Institute and Museum


October 9


09:30 am - 12:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/t-trak-and-the-model-railway-institute-and-museum-tickets-181487372617

Twin Cities Division of the TLR of the NMRA

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/twin-cities-division-of-the-tlr-of-the-nmra-32740215389


1515 5th Street South

Hopkins, MN, US, 55343

We will be meeting at the future site of the Model Railroad and Industry Museum and assembling T-TRAK modules for each person to take home.

Because we need to know in advance about how many are interested in making a T-TRAK module, we ask that you pre-register ahead of time so we get a decent estimate on how much material to bring. There is no cost for NMRA members for the T-TRAK module. We ask that guests bring along $5 to cover the cost of their materials. Of course, if you wish to come and not build a module to take home, there is no cost, but you’ll be missing out on a fun project.

About the Model Railroad and Industry Museum:

The museum’s goal is to advance the state of the art and craft of building and operating a model railway while replicating portions of history visually and operationally. The principal portion of history is the fall of 1927 when railroads were at their zenith as the principal mode of transportation for medium and long distances and high volumes for people as well as goods.

There are some mock-ups in progress that show how the museum is going to build the layout that will occupy the approximately 4,000 square foot museum space. They are quite innovative.

One of the modeling ‘advances’ is constructing from non-combustible materials and passing all fire code requirements (many model railroads would not pass). Another is synchronizing a clock and day/ night lighting, ambient sound and other theatrical effects. The primary display is in S scale (1/64) and all motive power will be battery powered, vastly simplifying wiring and eliminating dirt track problems.

The museum is also across the tracks from the second Hopkins Light Rail station.