Day at the Roundhouse


May 15


01:00 pm - 05:30 pm

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Twin Cities Division of the TLR of the NMRA


Jackson Street Roundhouse

193 Pennsylvania Avenue East, Saint Paul, MN 55130

Saint Paul, MN, US, 55130

Celebrate the reopening of the Minnesota Transportation Museum’s Jackson Street Roundhouse with a special “Day at the Roundhouse”.

The Twin Cities Division of the NMRA celebrates the reopening of the Minnesota Transportation Museum’s Jackson Street Roundhouse with a special “Day at the Roundhouse”.

The Jackson Street Roundhouse has always been a local treasure trove of railroad history. Although they have not been open during the Covid 19 shutdown, the volunteers and staff of the Minnesota Transportation Museum have been busy reorganizing and improving to their collections and exhibits. The Twin Cities Division is invited to visit, enjoy special back shop tours, and hear about future projects the Museum is undertaking to continue to upgrade their restoration and interpretation of railroad history in Minnesota. We have set the date for this visit for May 15th and we have scheduled the Division’s Annual Meeting for the same date.

This will be a full day of activities. Beginning at 1:00, admission for NMRA members is free! Please bring your NMRA membership card for admission and to be eligible for a special drawing. Please register so we have an idea of attendance.  (Note that membership will be confirmed. Please bring your membership card for the quickest admission, but we will have the latest membership roster on hand if you cannot find your membership card.)

The museum is extending a special admission price of only $5.00 to non-NMRA members attending the NMRA event, which includes full access to the museum, a train ride, back shop tours, and the Twin Cities Division special presentation. Please register so we have an idea of attendance.  (Note the TCD will not be collecting the $5.00 admission for non-NMRA members. Please pay the museum directly upon your arrival.)

At 2:30, our railfan and modelers events will begin and we are inviting the whole model railroad and rail fanning community to join us.

Twin Cities Division Special Presentation!

Members of the Division have made outstanding presentations on zoom this year but May will be even more special. Eric Boone is bringing in his 3D resin printer, which he will set it up and have operating so that we can watch the process and learn more about this exciting new technology. At 3:30, Eric will make a formal presentation on this technology giving us some insights into the programming and operations of the machine. Eric’s current project is a unique 40-foot boxcar he designed. He prints the shell in one piece including details!

The back shop at the Roundhouse has many exciting projects going on. One favorite is the restoration of a GN F unit. Much of the outer skin has been removed so the open framework can be restored. This is an amazing sight for any modeler or rail historian and only one of many great projects to see.

If you recall the April presentation on signaling and detection for CTC by Brian Davis, here is a great opportunity to see several Milwaukee Road CTC panels and a wonderful collection of signal and semaphore on display.

Come join your friends and fellow modelers Saturday May 15th at the MTM’s Jackson Street Roundhouse. Your admission is free with your NMRA membership. Please remember to register. Bring your membership card for an entry into a special door prize drawing. What’s in your wallet? Make sure it is your NMRA membership card.